Shelter in Place, a Poetry Workshop

10 weeks. Tuesdays, between March 2, 2021 and May 4, 2021.

Click here to sign up!

In this 10-week workshop we will be reading, writing, and engaging with the craft of poetry with the goal of re-encountering an expansive world through the window of our quarantines.

We will read over 40 poets, complete 10 generative poetry exercises, write 9 prompted poems, engage with 7 critical essays, and workshop 3 poems per poet.

The course is designed to develop and build on a series of tools that any writer can use in the creation and revision of their poems, and to help one another critically engage with poems as a way to expand our sense of what a poem can—and should—do.

At the end of the course, poets should hope to have a collection of (at least) 22 new poems. In our final class, we will take time to talk about and practice revision processes on some of these poems, and Robert will lead a Q&A about literary publishing.


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