The Poetics of Grief

6 weeks. Thursdays between March 31, 2022 and May 5, 2022. 7-8:30pm. “After great pain, a formal feeling comes.” Emily Dickinson, writing that line in 1862, understood the transformational power of grief. The great pain of mourning can also be a source for our greatest insights, compelling us toward catharsis as a way to survive theContinue reading “The Poetics of Grief”

Poetry in Translation

4 weeks. Tuesdays between November 30, 2021 and December 21, 2021. 7-8:30PM Click here to sign up! Translation is always, ultimately, a kind of failure. To shift the language of poetry from its origin means you must lose some of the texture of that original. And yet, as the poet James Merrill once wrote, “ButContinue reading “Poetry in Translation”

The Poet’s Journal

8 weeks. Wednesdays between August 11, 2021 and September 29, 2021. 7-9PM. Click here to sign up! If a poem is the expression of an individual mind experiencing a particular moment, reading poetry can feel incredibly intimate—like being let in on a secret world. In this course, we’ll uncover the secret worlds each of us contain. We’llContinue reading “The Poet’s Journal”

Shelter in Place, a Poetry Workshop

10 weeks. Tuesdays, between March 2, 2021 and May 4, 2021. Click here to sign up! In this 10-week workshop we will be reading, writing, and engaging with the craft of poetry with the goal of re-encountering an expansive world through the window of our quarantines. We will read over 40 poets, complete 10 generative poetryContinue reading “Shelter in Place, a Poetry Workshop”

Oulipo Poetry

Tuesday, November 17, 2020. 7PM. Zoom. Click here to sign up! In poetry-writing, one of the most difficult challenges to overcome is the effort to “make sense,” to apply a personal logic and language to feelings that are often just out of reach. Oulipo—a French school of writers and mathematicians—reminds us that the prime directiveContinue reading “Oulipo Poetry”